Our Teachers

As parents, we can teach only a limited number of life lessons to our children. The rest is handed over to their teachers in school. We live in a world where students have to have a good academic background to secure the career of their choice.

 Some parents may hail from academic backgrounds themselves, but the pedagogy and teaching methodology has undergone a massive transformation over the decades. What worked for the erstwhile students may not work for students in the present times.

 This is where teacher training is one of the most crucial foundational stones for developing an enriching educational system. It’s only when teachers are equipped with the latest knowledge and methods that students will be able to grow synchronically with the dynamic environment. When it comes to teaching mathematics, teachers will have to have a strong foundation of different mathematical concepts themselves.



Tutors with skills par excellence

 At Mathlete Training Centre in Singapore, we bring together the best-in-class tutors to our tuition centre. Teachers imparting knowledge to students should be passionate about teaching—a belief that drives us to hire tutors who love their subject and know everything about it in and out.

 Our teachers at Mathlete Training Centre have very strong mathematical backgrounds. They are national team trainers and have several years of experience in teaching math of various levels. They have a track record of enabling students to achieve top ranks in their pursuits.

 We strive to create an environment that inspires learning and combines fun and creativity for solving mathematical problems. Our teachers have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and are extremely adept at crafting math learning materials to help address students’ learning needs. Students’ academic improvement and success is the primary goal of our teachers, and they have always proven themselves in achieving it.