Mr Li

Olympiad Mathematics

Mr Li has gotten gold in NMOS, Mathlympics, SMOPS and high distinction in AMC when in primary school, and silver in SMO Junior and senior. He is also a competitive speedcuber and his best event is 3x3x3 blindfolded and is currently ranked 8th in singapore. He studies in NUS. He would like to share his passion in maths Olympiad with young kids and help them achieve better results.

李老师在NMOS,Mathlympics和SMOPS中获得金牌,他在SMO junior 和SMO senior 获得银牌。他也是竞速魔方选手,目前在3x3x3盲拧新加坡的排名第八。他在NUS上学。他期待把他对奥数的热爱传达给小学生,帮助他们获得更好的成绩。