Why Join Us

Few maths Olympiad training centres in Singapore have trainers from IMO backgrounds and Teaching experience in all levels. Our Principle teacher, Mr. Wu, has participated in IMO twice and then went twice more as observer. Other trainers also have decades of teaching experience or team training experience. With such backgrounds, our trainers will be able to understand what students need, as well as what should be done to achieve top results in national and international competitions. They can impart not only the method but also the insight and deeper understanding, on top of the tricks and techniques, that students need to become really good.

Besides calibre and raw talent, our trainer also have a heart for educating young minds and set themselves the task to imbue in the students a deep passion for maths, and unrelenting faith in doing well and achieving success in the subject. Our trainer also strive to deliver the lessons in the most clear and insightful way, for the students to benefit the most from our program regardless of their current standard and age.




Our Vision 我们的理想与信念

Our core values 我们的核心价值

Perseverance 坚持

We aim to develop students who will be unfazed in face of difficulty and bravely overcome challenges with confidence and unrelenting fervor and unafraid to put in hard work.
奥数并不简单,因为奥数是为了给顶尖的同学带来挑战的。而我们的任 务,就是与同学们一起努力,鼓励他们成为最后坚持下去的那批顶尖的学生,并且让他们在奥数比赛中拿到好成绩。

Rigor 严谨

We train our students to be flawless in their argument and logical thinking, and thorough and thoughtful in their endeavors and approaches.
我们对于教学十分严谨,我们也不会向任何可能会影响我们教育质量的 问题妥协

Dedication 奉献

We help our student find the beauty in maths and develop a strong passion in the subject, so that hours of work are put in without regret and our students are able to engage in higher order thinking of maths problems sooner. We also make students more academically inclined and focused. 我们中心会专注于数学。也是我们愿意为数学奉献的精神可以为你的孩 子提供最好的教学。

Our Teaching Methods 我们的教学方法

How we target and help students personally

We have a continually upgrading set of curriculum syllabus that catches the latest competition and exam trends. We also address common weak points and consolidate them with additional teaching and practice.
For example, we realize that our secondary students are week at Geometry, so we often include more lessons on geometry that targets this particular topic. The same happens for speed and rate problems for our primary lessons on the topic speed and rates. This is
to ensure that everyone is good at these topics and can solve such problems when it comes.


Different methods to reinforce learning

In our centre, our teachers often go through the same question twice with two different methods. This is done whenever applicable. Having this approach allows students to know one more way to tackle the problem. They will explore the nature and limits of both ways and expand their skill sets.


The research that helped our teaching

Our teachers do not merely teach. We also look into all the latest competitions, include overseas competition. We scrutinize the problems and identify the embedded maths concepts, principles or ideas. We look through all the materials locally and internationally and find the trend. We find the most common types of questions that students need to be familiar with, as well as those “weird ones,” and give students some idea about solving these not-so-common questions so they can stay competitive in important competitions.


Founder’s Note

Talent development is an art, administering effective training that delivers result is a science. As a former contestant in the IMO twice, and a national team trainer and observer to the IMO twice, I have marked SMO round 2 papers, conducted yearly session to senior team, and monitored the growth of many of the best young maths students in Singapore for over 12 years. I have taught Lim Jeck, Joseph Kuan, Ang Jie Jun(ranked 2nd, 4th, 6th in the IMO) and helped Singapore rank third in the world.

Every year, many of my students get into IMSO team, junior, senior and national team, and win many prizes in local (SMOPS, RIPMWC, NMOS, SMO) and international competitions, and get into their dream schools using their competition results. My high flyer students include instructor in Harvard, Investment bankers, Phd students in maths and computer science in MIT and Caltech.

Math is a key subject and my team of expert trainers can make students of all levels and standards love maths and achieve academic success, realize their full potential and attain high level of academic maturity through our systematic yet challenging curriculum. We are also generous with success formulas, tips, reminders and training advices on all the critical competitions and exams that has deep impact on student’s future prospects.


Our Star Students

  • Ding Yue

    IMO & IPHO Gold,
    President of 3 CCAs in RI(JC),
    Princeton University

  • Joseph Kuan

    IMO & IPHO Gold


  • Zhang Aidi

    2nd in SMO Open

    Previously Top Under-15 pianist in Singapore


  • Lim Jeck

    3 times IMO Gold

    IPHO Gold


  • Ang Jie Jun

    IMO Gold

  • Ma Zhaoyu

    IMO & IPHO Gold