Dear Parents,

Greetings from Mathlete Training Centre.

Mathlete Training Centre (MTC) will be conducting entry test for new students to register for suitable classes for 2021 lessons.

The purpose of the entry test is to determine which class is most suitable for the student in order to maximise their learning here with us at MTC. The entry test is free of charge. It will be a one hour online test for P2 to Sec 4 students. The test paper will be sent to you via email.

We seek your cooperation in ensuring the accuracy of the test and keeping track of the one hour test duration as the student’s results will affect which class he/she is assigned to that will suit his/her learning pace best. Upon completing the test, please email the completed test scripts to by scanning or taking picture of the script. The test results will be given to you within 3 days from date of test.

For any queries, do contact us at:
Tel: (+65) 64563618
HP: 82651258

Thank you!