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Benefits of Olympiad Training

Every parent wishes to see his child achieving new milestones and succeeding in what she or he does. They want to see their child in both interpersonal as well as intrapersonal. If you are also a parent then you first need to learn that each child is unique in herself/himself. Gone are those days when a child’s intelligence was ascertained by their performance in some tests like math, science, or language. A child who is not good in one discipline can be gifted in others. Cognition and competency vary from person to person. Every person has her/his unique sets of aptitude. As parents, you have to discover and work on your child’s aptitude to make your child collectively good at different things by triggering their learning preferences.

Here you need to be equipped to identify your child’s abilities and potential and Olympiads give you the best platform for this. The sheer motive behind the Olympiads conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation is to build aptitude in young learners and encourage their learning in Mathematics, Science, Computers, General knowledge, English with more interest and meaning. By taking Olympiads, your child will learn and practice new skills, such as reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. This will definitely help them to understand concepts better and deeper, unlike conventional rote learning. Apart from this, the exposure to as challenging exams as SOF Olympiads will instill the confidence which will beautifully shape their personality and their future. They will always aspire for better and turn up to be the best in everything they do.


Science Olympiad Foundation organizes these 6 olympiad tests annually
1. National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)
2. National Science Olympiad (NSO)
3. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
4. International English Olympiad (IEO)
5. International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)
6. International Commerce Olympiad (ICO)


Testing the understanding of concepts
SOF with its matchless and unparalleled quality in Olympiads is purposely serving young learners in building a strong foundation of fundamental concepts. The questions asked in Olympiads are application-driven, which not just test students’ knowledge of concepts but also the understanding Benefits of Olympiads 2and application of concepts. Also, to solve such questions students will require applications of 2 or more concepts, for which they have to learn in an integrated manner while preparing for Olympiads. This way students also come out of the practice of cramming the concepts and they will get motivated to think.


Enriches with analytical and problem-solving skills
SOF Olympiads intend to test the skills in learners such as observing, identifying, comparing, classifying, inferring, predicting, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, analytical-thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and more. By participating in Olympiads, students will develop skills and improve their aptitude which certainly aids them in long run. Resources that can put these skills into action will aid in preparing for Olympiads.


Build confidence among the students
With clarity of concepts and value addition of new skills, students develop the confidence to take new challenges. The new mindset for lateral thinking helps to broaden the horizon of learning.


Improve academic performance
Students’ performance in school is also improved as Olympiads sharpen their thinking and learning process which helps them to grasp the concepts taught in schools better. The right set of books can lay a good foundation for the Olympiads. Apart from the basic curriculum books, these specially designed books are an interface of concepts learned in the classroom with their applications. These books induce Higher Order Thinking Skills in learners.


Stepping stones for future competitive exams
Participating in Olympiads gives an insight into the competition that exists in this world. The competition in school is limited. Early exposure to competition and learning subjected through benefits of Olympiads

Olympiads help learners to know their potential in a higher level of competitive exams like NEET, JEE, CA, IAS, UPSC exams. Students get to know their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects, hence they can plan their careers well in advance.


A Big Platform to Shine
Olympiads, conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation provides a big platform where even primary level students can showcase their talent at State, National, and International levels. Students get the experience of the competitive exams and also get to know where they stand amongst their peers at the National level.


Profile Building
Students who get feat in SOF Olympiads are conferred with cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates, and a lot of recognition. Their achievement gets added to their academic profile. A good Olympiad rank will also help students to get into Top Universities in the world directly. Above all, participating in Olympiad exams and representing their state or country at the National and International levels give satisfaction and pleasure to students which itself is the best reward for them.